LOCA water gel

LOCA water gel


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LOCA also known as liquid optical plastic, the full name of the English: Optical Clear Adhesive Liquid, is a major adhesive for the transparent optical components of the adhesive. Liquid optical plastic (LOCA) is characterized by: colorless and transparent, transmittance 98% above, good bonding strength, can be cured under normal temperature or medium temperature. And at the same time, the curing shrinkage rate and yellowing resistance are the same.. Compared with the traditional OCA tape, liquid optical adhesive (LOCA) has special advantages in some application areas, which can solve the limitations of OCA tape..

Product features:

TP-2500 is a single component, UV curable acrylate liquid optical /LOCA, suitable for touch-screen panel lamination bonding. This liquid optical /LOCA has a high refractive index, excellent moisture resistance, and good performance of the foam..

Use Description:

1, to be dried, glued to keep clean, according to the need to determine the amount of glue 
2, UV irradiation time according to the power of the UV lamp and the distance between the coating and the corresponding adjustment of 
3, the excess glue can wipe away the 
4, the use of the remaining glue can not back to the original packaging, so as not to cause pollution


Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes.. This product has slight irritation to the eyes and skin. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water, if there is still not suitable for hospital inspection. Wash immediately after contact with soap and water.. Please wash clothes after contact can wear. Do not make children touch.

storage: this liquid optical plastic /LOCA is sensitive to light and heat, it is required to store in a cool, dry place, avoiding the light preservation, at the following 28 degree, the period of validity is half a year..

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